Samuel Brittan calls for an open immigration policy in the UK.

If we favour the free movement of goods, capital and people, between Yorkshire and Lancashire, or between the north and south of England, why should a frontier make a difference?

Why not try complete free movement of labour for a five or ten year period and then review the evidence? Who knows? We might even enjoy the experience.

I have an essay that proposes a taxed guest-worker program for the U.S.

For citizens competing against illegal immigrants for jobs, the playing field might be more level with a tariff (guest workers paying taxes) than with a quota (laws that deter some foreign workers but not all). Today, citizens subsidize immigrant workers by paying taxes for government services that benefit the immigrant. With a guest worker program, immigrant workers would pay their fair share.

For Discussion. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using taxes rather than numerical limits to control the number of guest workers?