“Where’s Arnold?” you may be asking.

I had jury duty this week, and it was a difficult criminal case. We deliberated for almost three days, and deadlocked at 6-6. Loosely speaking, the liberals voted acquittal, and the conservatives voted conviction. (At least one liberal voted for conviction, however). Of all the jurors, I think that I was the one most passionately convinced of the defendant’s guilt. But I didn’t think that the defendant’s 5th-amendment rights were protected. So I voted with the liberals. I’ll probably have more to say in an essay one day, but for now I’d like to avoid giving the case too much Internet play before the judicial process is farther along.

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UPDATE: It’s interesting to see the annoying factual errors that crop up in news stories that you know something about. For instance, this news story says that the jury consisted of 7 women and 5 men. It was 9 women and 3 men.