I just turned 36. But it seems like I was celebrating my 35th birthday three months ago – and asking everyone I knew how old they felt inside. Two universal patterns:

1. Every male I asked feels a lot younger than he really is. I feel about 25. Friends in their fifties and sixties feel like they’re in their thirties or forties. (Same goes for David Friedman).

2. No woman was willing to answer the question, making me suspect that they feel about as old as they are, if not older. (Only known counter-example: Jane Galt feels “18-25.”)

This brought to mind two folk sayings:

1. “Men get married hoping their wives won’t change; women get married hoping that their husbands will change. They’re both generally disappointed.”

2. “The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.”

I suspect there’s a good evolutionary story here; anyone want to spell it out?