More educated people think more like economists; in fact, more educated people pretty much have more reasonable views across the board. Furthermore, by a happy coincidence, more educated people are more likely to vote. Once my book gets to policy implications, these facts inspire a number of shocking suggestions:

  • Stop trying to “get out the vote” – higher turnout reduces voters’ average competence.
  • Give college grads extra votes, as Britain did until 1949.
  • Require would-be voters to pass a test of economic literacy.

These proposals are hardly the core of my book; I intended them primarily as “Why not?” exercises to get people thinking. But at the same time, that’s what I said; it’s in my book in black and white.

So I can hardly protest that in my interview tomorrow on CBNC’s Street Signs, host Erin Burnett apparently plans to focus on my views of the franchise. It’s not the ideal way to get my fifteen minutes of fame – especially because it’s only four minutes starting at 2:50 PM – but that’s the way it’s going down. If I don’t come across as crazy, I’ll consider my interview a success!

Update: CNBC just cancelled on me, but frankly, it’s more than balanced out by a great review in the Economist.