I’ve been an opera fan for two decades, and I’ve never heard of macroeconomic events affecting the world of opera – until now.  The DC Opera is cancelling (or at least delaying) the American Ring:

“Seven years ago, Washington National Opera began planning a Ring
cycle, which is one of the most ambitious and expensive undertakings
for any opera company. At the time, the economic climate was relatively
stable, and the company was confident in its ability to raise the
additional funds necessary to suppor
t so huge an effort. Now, however,
the dramatic changes in the nation’s economy have made all of us who
are responsible for WNO’s welfare reluctantly come to the difficult
decision to postpone the Ring cycle until the financial climate becomes more positive,” stated General Director Plácido Domingo.

In case you haven’t heard, Wagner’s Ring cycle closes with the end of the world (and redemption through love, but don’t get me started).  It’s strange, then, that popular fears about “the end of the world” are preventing me from seeing an operatic depiction thereof…

HT: Tyler