In The Freeman, I write,

Overall, I would argue that on the demand side, the United States healthcare system is essentially socialized. The fact is that close to 90 percent of health-care spending is paid for by third parties, which means that individuals in this country generally experience a socialized process for obtaining medical services.

I am inclined to lump private health insurance in with government programs, and call the whole deal socialism–even before Obamacare tightens the noose on insurance companies any further. If we had truly unregulated, unsubsidized private health insurance, then I would look at it differently. But if we got rid of the subsidies and regulations, I am pretty sure that private health insurance would scarcely resemble what we see today.

On the other hand, Romesh Ponnuru argues that in the mainstream media, the facts do not matter. I think he makes a solid case that the media tend to report left-leaning analysis as fact and portry right-leaning analysis as biased or misleading.