In the comments, Jason Malloy points out that Jon Haidt recently added a battery of questions to test liberal puritanism.  Here’s Haidt’s explanation:

At we have always found that scores on the
Purity/sanctity foundation are higher on the political right than on
the left. Conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, live in
a more sacralized world. Liberals, particularly secular
scientifically-minded liberals, live in a more materialist, un-magical

Yet there are enough hints of “liberal purity” scattered about that
we at Yourmorals are actively trying to measure it… It can be seen in the liberal tendency to moralize food and
eating, beyond its nutritive/material aspects. (See this fabulous essay
by Mary Eberstadt comparing the way the left moralizes food and the
right moralizes sex). It can be seen in the way the left treats
environmental issues and the natural world as something sacred, to be
cared for above and beyond its consequences for human – or even

The punchline is excellent: “Can anyone understand Avatar who lacks all intuitions of purity/sanctity?”