The following by me was the lead letter in my local newspaper, the Monterey County Herald, this morning:

Professors went too far

In a story Friday about the student protests of budget cuts, The Herald reported, “Some professors took students from their classrooms to the rally.”
As an educator, taxpayer and citizen, I find these professors’ actions appalling. The classroom is supposed to be a place of safety, where the professors don’t indoctrinate students with their views. Discussing the issue in class, and letting those who might disagree do so without attacking them, is a good idea. But leading their students out of their classrooms to a rally on a particular issue, whatever the issue, is a fundamental breach of trust.
Whatever these professors think about budget cuts, they should not be leading their students in protest. These professors should be letting the students think for themselves. Whatever else happened last Thursday, this was not education.

David R. Henderson