Nick Schulz puts in his $.02

The original fusionist project of Frank Meyer and others was predicated on a belief that libertarians and conservatives (social/religious/paleo) actually agreed on some basic philosophical principles, not just shared goals such as opposing Soviet communism (as important as that was). Two of these have always been paramount: The importance of protecting individual liberty, and an appreciation for the vital role played by civil society and traditional mediating institutions that made American culture and ordered liberty possible.

Conservatives gaze favorably upon traditional families, religion, and corporations. These institutions are seen as the building blocks of their vision for society.

Leftists gaze scornfully upon traditional families, religious institutions, and corporations. These institutions have flaws which are seen as obstacles to their vision for society.

On this issue, I would call myself a conservative. I recognized that the institutions of civil society are flawed. However, I want neither conservatives nor leftists to use government to impose their vision on these institutions.