Cato’s David Boaz tries to show social conservatives the path of virtue:

Those are reasonable concerns, but they have little or no
relationship to abortion or gay marriage. Abortion may be a moral
crime, but it isn’t the cause of high government spending or
intergenerational poverty. And gay people making the emotional and
financial commitments of marriage is not the cause of family breakdown
or welfare spending.

When Huckabee says that “a breakdown of the basic family structure”
is causing poverty — and thus a demand for higher government spending —
he knows that he’s really talking about unwed motherhood, divorce,
children growing up without fathers, and the resulting high rates of
welfare usage and crime…

Boaz continues:

Why all the focus on issues that would do nothing to solve the problems
of “breakdown of the basic family structure” and “the high cost of a
dysfunctional society”? Well, solving the problems of divorce and unwed
motherhood is hard. And lots of Republican and conservative voters have
been divorced. A constitutional amendment to ban divorce wouldn’t go
over very well with even the social-conservative constituency. Far
better to pick on a small group, a group not perceived to be part of
the Republican constituency, and blame them for social breakdown and
its associated costs.

In short, gays have every right to reply to social conservatives by non-ironically quoting The Untouchables‘ Al Capone:

Somebody steals from me, I’m gonna say you stole. Not talk to him for
spitting on the sidewalk. Understand? Now, I have done nothing to harm
these people but they are angered with me, so what do they do, doctor
up some income tax, for which they have no case. To speak to me like
me, no, to harass a peaceful man. I pray to god if I ever had a
grievance I’d have a little more self respect.