Americans who have the means should refuse to surrender to Senate Republicans. We should act, together, to give back our Bush tax cuts, by making donations to organizations that promote fairness, economic growth, and a vibrant middle class. GiveItBackforJobs enables joint action, by all visitors to this site, to redirect our Bush tax cuts to the wise and just programs that our government would promote if it had not been hijacked. As more and more Americans do so, GiveItBackforJobs will begin to replicate good government policy, outside the government and free from the grip of Senate Republicans.

This is from a new web site “Give it Back for Jobs,” started by Yale professors Jacob Hacker, Robert Hockett, and Daniel Markovits and by Will Gaybrick and Lukasz Lysakowski.

Notice something interesting? If they really believe that the tax “cuts,” that is, the decision by Congress not to let taxes increase, were a bad idea, wouldn’t they want to give the money to the government? After all, it’s the government, not the four private charities they list–Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, the Children’s Aid Society, and the Nurse Family Partnership–that would have taken the money.

So what are Jacob Hacker et al telling us? That they think those four charities will spend the money more wisely than the government would. I agree. I think it’s much better to give to the Salvation Army, for example, than to keep the troops in Iraq an extra day. That argues for more choice and lower taxes, not for higher taxes.

And what about the concept of giving it back. I assume that they’re going to make contributions and not just ask the rest of us to. So if they’re giving it back, from whom did they take it?