On Monday, Brad DeLong told us that two months in the Clinton administration convinced him that…

America’s best hope for sane technocratic governance required the
elimination of the Republican Party from our political system as
rapidly as possible.

I’m tempted to say, “In other words, there is no hope, because the Republican Party isn’t going to be eliminated.”  But here’s a more constructive thought for technocrats:

The main reason Republicans ignore technocrats is that almost all technocrats are Democrats.

Consider: If most technocrats were Republicans, would Democrats listen to them?  I doubt it.  Before you heed advice, you’ve got to trust the motives of the adviser.  Hence the following conjecture:

America’s real best hope for sane technocratic governance is partisan balance among technocrats.

Something which actually might happen, unlike the sudden death of the political religion of a third of the country.

Democratic technocrats will probably protest, “How could I join the Republicans when they oppose all things technocratic?”  To which the right response is, “You have to make the first move.  Sure, they won’t trust you for a while.  You’ll have to pay your dues just like any other convert.  But eventually, you’ll get a seat at the table.  If technocracy is what you want, this is the way to get there.”