June 2019 ISSUE

Cuba’s Dreams and Economic Reality

By Craig J. Richardson

Introduction Late at night in the winter of 2016, I found myself in a van as it sped down the main road of Havana, Cuba, with heavy drops of rain thudding against the windshield. The driver slowed at a dark street corner and pointed across the street. I spotted a cru...

Anthony de Jasay: A Remembrance

By Michael Munger

Anthony de Jasay, a noted scholar and long-time friend of Liberty Fund, died January 23, 2019. He had been incapacitated by a stroke a few weeks earlier but tried to remain active until the end. I last heard from him on January 4, through his very brave wife Isabell...

Culture, Institutions, and Folkways

By Arnold Kling

it is indeed culture—not genes, geography, institutions, policies, or leadership—that ultimately determines the differential success of societies. —David C. Rose, Why Culture Matters Most,1 page 1 Some economists, including David C. Rose, find it inter...

Have Coase – Will Travel

By Jon Murphy and John Schuler

In 1960, Ronald Coase published what would become one of the most cited articles in economics and contribute to his receipt of a Nobel Prize. Coase's point was both simple and revolutionary. First, he noted, externalities—costs from economic activity borne by peop...

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