February 2019 ISSUE

DNA Determinism

By Arnold Kling

DNA is the only thing that makes a substantial difference, accounting for 50 per cent of the variance in psychological traits. The rest comes down to chance environmental experiences that do not have long-term effects. —Robert Plomin, Blueprint: How DNA Mak...

Economists Know: Ask What Changed

By Charles L. Hooper and David R. Henderson

When you try to understand change, whether in economics or in the rest of life, one good rule is to ask what other factor or factors changed. To explain a change in one variable, we have to point to another variable that changed, not to one that stayed the same.1 ...

Can Capitalism Survive? Ben Rogge on Capitalism’s Future

By Dwight R. Lee

How can someone publish a book asking if capitalism can survive, offer no hope that it can, and still become widely applauded as a strong advocate of capitalism? The most obvious way is to be a world-class economist named Joseph Alois Schumpeter. The next notable wa...

Lord Robbins the Lion

By Pedro Schwartz

When Lord Lionel Robbins accepted to become the supervisor of my Ph.D. thesis I felt lucky, but did not know how lucky I was. I had been studying for a degree in Political Science at the London School of Economics. I wanted to go further and dig under politics to un...

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