Quote of the Day for May 25, 2018

145: From Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population, 1st Ed., Chapters XVIII-XIX:

    It seems, however, every way probable, that even theacknowledged difficulties occasioned by the law of population,tend rather to promote, than impede the general purpose ofProvidence. They excite universal exertion, and contribute to thatinfinite variety of situations, and consequently of impressions,which seems, upon the whole, favourable to the growth of mind. Itis probable, that too great, or too little excitement, extremepoverty, or too great riches, may be alike unfavourable in thisrespect. The middle regions of society seem to be best suited tointellectual improvement; but it is contrary to the analogy ofall nature, to expect that the whole of society can be a middleregion. The temperate zones of the earth, seem to be the mostfavourable to the mental, and corporal energies of man; but allcannot be temperate zones. A world, warmed and enlightened but byone sun, must, from the laws of matter, have some parts chilled byperpetual frosts, and others scorched by perpetual heats. Everypiece of matter lying on a surface, must have an upper, and anunder side: all the particles cannot be in the middle....

    XVIII.12 (paragraph number)

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