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Public Principles of Public Debt: A Defense and Restatement; Buchanan, James M.
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Ch. 3, The Methodology of Debt Theory

Chapter 3The Methodology of Debt Theory

Before any meaningful analysis of the public debt can take place, it is necessary to examine the methodology within which analysis may properly be conducted. Put more directly, and more correctly, this means that we must know precisely what the problem is before we start trying to reach conclusions concerning its solution. We must be clear as to what we are talking about.

For a further and extended discussion of this and related points, see my "Ceteris Paribus: Some Notes on Methodology," Southern Economic Journal (January, 1958).
Ch. 6, Internal and External Public Loans

In the analysis of Chapter 4 we showed that the primary real burden is shifted forward even in the case of the internal loan. Thus, in one sense, we have already demonstrated that the distinction between the two loan forms is fallacious. However, in spite of the redundancy and repetitiousness of the analysis, it will be useful to apply the methods directly to the internal-external loan distinction. The basic deficiency in methodology which is common to all aspects of the new orthodoxy comes clearest into light here.