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"F. A. Hayek and the Rebirth of Classical Liberalism"; Gray, John N.
8 paragraphs found.
F. A. Hayek and the Rebirth of Classical Liberalism, Bibliography

E-2 Friedrich Freiherr von Wieser. Gesammelte Abhandlungen. Edited with an introduction by Friedrich A. von Hayek. Tübingen: Mohr, 1929, xxxiv, 404 pp.

[This edition includes von Wieser's Collected Writings published between 1876 and 1923. Friedrich Freiherr von Wieser (1851-1926) was Hayek's mentor at the University of Vienna and represented the "older Austrian school" of Economics. See A-4 and A-125b.]


A-1a "Das Stabilisierungsproblem in Goldwährungsländern." Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft und Sozialpolitik, N.S. 4 (1924).

["The Stabilization Problem for Countries on the Gold Standard." See note A-2a for the biographical context of Hayek's first two article publications. The journal in which Hayek published some of his first articles was closely associated with the Austrian School of economics through its editorial direction. It underwent several name changes:

1892-1918: The journal was known as Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft, Socialpolitik und Verwaltung. Organ der Gesellschaft österreichischer Volkswirt. ["Journal of Political Economy, Social Policy, and Administration. Publication of the Society of Austrian Political Economy"], and was published in Vienna by F. Tempsky.
1919-1920: Suspended publication.
1921-1927: It was known as Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft und Socialpolitik. ["Journal of Political Economy and Social Policy"] and was published in Vienna and Leipsig by F. Deuticke.
After 1927, the journal was superseded by Zeitschrift für Nationalökonomie. ["Journal of National Economy"]. See Bibliography A-22, etc.

The heavily Austrian School of economics-oriented editorial staff included:

1892-1918 Ernst von Plener (1841-1923)
1892-1914 Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk (1851-1914)
1892-1907 Karl Theodor von Inama-Sternegg (1843-1908)
1904-1916 Eugen von Philippovich (1858-1917)
1904-1918 Friedrich Freiherr von Wieser (1851-1926)
1911-1916 Robert Meyer (1855-1914)
1921-1927 R. Reisch (1866-?), Othmar Spann (1878-1950), and others.]


A-2a "Die Währungspolitik der Vereinigten Staaten seit der überwindung der Krise von 1920." Zeitschrift für Volkswirtschaft und Sozialpolitik. N.S. 5 (1925).

["The Monetary Policy in the United States Since Overcoming the Crisis of 1920." Both this article and A-1a grew out of Hayek's post-graduate studies in America which he pursued from March 1923 to June 1924 at New York University. On the chronology of the Nobel Prize biography of Hayek: Official Announcement of the Royal Academy of Sciences, republished in the Swedish Journal of Economics 76 (December 1974): 469 ff. Also see Machlup, ed. (1976), pp. 16-17, as well as the annotation in the present Hayek Bibliography on item A-64. Hayek's American academic sojourn took place while he was on a leave of absence from his Austrian civil service position (1921-1926) as a legal consultant (along with Ludwig von Mises) for carrying out the provisions of the Treaty of St. Germain, see Bibliography A-145, p. 1 for Hayek's anecdote and background for his introduction to von Mises through von Wieser.]


A-3a "Bemerkungen zum Zurechnungsproblem." Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 124 (1926): 1-18.

["Comments on the Problem of Imputation." On the valuation of Producer goods. Compare Wilhelm Vleugel's Die Lösung des wirtschaftlichen Zurechnungsproblem bei Böhm-Bawerk und Wieser. Halle: Neimeyer (Königsberger Gelehrte Gesellschaft, Geisteswissenschaftliche Klasse, Shriften, Vol. 7, part 5), 1930.]


A-4 "Friedrich Freiherr von Wieser." Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik 125 (1926): 513-530.

[Commemorative article on the occasion of the death of Hayek's Austrian School of economics mentor, von Wieser (1851-1926). Compare with Hayek's later article on von Wieser in The International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences (1968, 1972). Also see E-2 (1929) Hayek's German introduction and edition of von Wieser's Collected Writings. A-4 translated into English in an abridged form appears in The Development of Economic Thought: Great Economists in Perspective. Edited by Henry William Spiegel. New York & London: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1952, 1961, pp. 554-567.


A-125b 'Wieser, Friedrich von." In International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences. Edited by David L. Sills. New York: The Macmillan Co. & The Free Press, 1968, 1972; Volumes 15, 16, 17, pp. 549-550.


Leube, Kurt R. "Friedrich A. von Hayek—Nobelpreis für Wirtschaftswissenschaften." (University of Salzburg Research Papers, 1974).

["Friedrich A. von Hayek—Nobel Prize for Economic Science."]

——. "F. A. von Hayek. Zu sienem 75. Geburtstag." Salzburger Nachrichten 1975.

["F. A. von Hayek. On His 75th Birthday."]

——. "Inflationstheorie bei Hayek und Keynes." (Paper prepared for a Seminar at the University of Salzburg, 1975).

["Inflation Theory in Hayek and Keynes."]

——. "Vorwort und Bibliographie zur Wiederauflage F. A. Hayek: Geldtheorie und Konjunkturtheorie. Salzburg, 1975.

["Foreword and Bibliography to the Second (German) Edition of F. A. Hayek, Geldtheorie," (B-1).]

——. "Ausgewählte Bibliographie zur Wiederauflage F. A. Hayek: Preise und Produktion." Vienna, 1975.

["Selected Bibliography to the Second (German) Edition of F. A. Hayek's Prices and Production," (B-2).]

——. "Hayek's Perception of the 'Rule of Law'." The Intercollegiate Review (Winter 1976/1977).

——. "Bibliographischer Anhang." In F. A. Hayek, Geldtheorie und Konjunkturtheorie. Salzburg: 2. erw.Aufl., 1976, pp. 148-160.

[Kurt Leube was from 1969-1977 Hayek's Research Assistant and associate at the University of Salzburg. He currently is Managing Co-editor with Albert Zlabinger of The International Carl Menger Library, Philosophia-Verlag, and is working on a life of Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk. He has written and lectured extensively on Hayek and The Austrian School of Economics. The "Bibliographical Appendix" in this entry on the German reprinting of Hayek's Geldtheorie (B-1), is but one of an extensive number of scholarly and bibliographic contributions by Leube on Hayek. In subsequent editions of the present Bibliography we will cite the extensive writings by Leube.]

——. "Bibliographisches Nachwort zur Wiederauflage F. A. Hayek:" Individualismus und wirtschaftliche Ordnung. (Salzburg 1977).

["Bibliographical Afterword to the Second (German) Edition of F. A. Hayek: (B-7)."]

——. "Böhm-Bawerk, Wieser und Hayek." (Unpublished paper presented in Bonn, 1977.)

——. "Wer sind die 'Austrians'." Wirtschaftspolitische Blatter, 1978.

["Who Are the 'Austrians'."]

——. "ökonom und Philosoph: Zum 80. Geburtstag des grossen österreichers Friedrich A. von Hayek." Die Industrie 19 (1979).

["Economist and Philosopher: On the 80th Birthday of the Austrian Friedrich A. von Hayek."]

——. "F. A. Hayek—Zum 80. Geburtstag." Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen. Frankfurt/M. 1979.

["F. A. Hayek—On His 80th Birthday."]

——. "Hayek und die österr. Schule der Nationalökonomie." Bayern Kurier, Munich 1979.

["Hayek and the Austrian School of Economics."]


Wieser, Friedrich Frieherr von. "The Austrian School and the Theory of Value." Economic Journal (England) (1891).

——. "The Theory of Value (A Reply to Professor Macvane)." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1891).

——. Social Economics. Translated by A. Ford Himrichs. With a Preface by Wesley Clair Mitchell. New York: Adolphis Co., 1927. Reprinted New York: Augustus M. Kelley, 1967.

[In his preface, Mitchell refers to von Weiser's recent death (July 23, 1926) and to von Weiser's "pupil and friend, Dr. Friedrich A. von Hayek." The translator, Himrichs, states: "Dr. Friedrich A. von Hayek, a pupil and close friend of von Weiser, has read the proofs and submitted many suggestions."]