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Capital and Interest: A Critical History of Economical Theory; Böhm-Bawerk, Eugen v.
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Book IV,Ch.I
Ever since Hodgskin's writings (1825). See below, book vi.
Book VI,Ch.I

Under those influences the time seems to have become ready for the systematic development of the Exploitation theory about the twentieth year of this century. Among the first to give it explicit statement—in a history of theory I leave out of account the "practical" communists, whose efforts, of course, were based on similar ideas—were Hodgskin in England and Sismondi in France.


Hodgskin's writings—a little known Popular Political Economy and an anonymous publication under the significant title "Labour defended against the Claims of Capital" *6—do not seem to have had any extensive influence. Thus Sismondi becomes all the more important in the development of the theory.