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Cyclopædia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States; Edited by: Lalor, John J.
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—See Sons of the Sires (anon.); 2 Wilson's Slave Power, 419-434; Principles and Objects of the American Party (anon.); Wise's Seven Decades; O. A. Brownson's Essays and Reviews (art. Native Americanism); Godwin's Political Essays; 2 von Holst's United States, 523; 3 Seward's Works, 386-389; Bromwell's Immigration, 157; Knapp's Immigration, 228-30; Tribune Almanac, 1844-6, 1855-7; Clay's Private Correspondence, 497-520; Carroll's Great American Battle; Lee's Origin and Progress of the American Party; Whitney's Defense of the American Policy; Warner's Liberties of America; Denig's Know-Nothing Manual; and later authorities under WHIG PARTY. The acts of March 26, 1790, Jan. 29, 1795, and June 18, 1798, (see ALIEN AND SEDITION LAWS), are in 1 Stat. at Large, 103, 414, 566; the act of April 14, 1802, is in 2 Stat. at Large, 153. Slight amendments have been made to the last named act but without essentially changing it. By the act of March 3, 1813, (2 Stat. at Large, 811), five years' residence was required before admission; but this was repealed by act of June 26, 1848, (9 Stat. at Large, 240).