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"Richard Cantillon"; Hayek, Friedrich A.
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Richard Cantillon

Cantillon tended to be forgotten in France once J. B. Say led the way in ignoring all writers before Adam Smith. The Essai seems, however, to have been read to some extent in Germany and Italy also. The influence of the Italian translation of the Essai shows up at least in G. Filangieri, while in Germany not only Graumann, to whom we already referred, but also the "German Physiocrat" Jakob Mauvillon, whose father brought out an edition of the Essai, must have known Cantillon. *104 Firm evidence exists in the case of von Pfeifer, who, without naming Cantillon but clearly referring to him, said that "the Physiocratic system had been produced in England, propagated in France and finally transmitted to Germany". *105 G. A. Will, having quoted this remark of von Pfeifer's in his "Versuch über die Physiokratie" (1782), added in turn that "it is indeed correct that, among others, the English writer Cantillon, in his delightful study on commerce, delineated many years ago the theory of the Physiocrats concerning the nature of the state in terms of the underlying principles and main conclusions." *106