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Studies in the Theory of International Trade; Viner, Jacob
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Chapter 6
The criticism presented here corresponds in most respects to that to be found in the following, among other, sources: G. W. Terborgh, "The purchasing-power parity theory," Journal of political economy, XXXIV (1926), 197-208; T. O. Yntema, A mathematical reformulation of the general theory of international trade, 1932, pp 18-19; C. Bresciani-Turroni, "The 'purchasing power parity' doctrine," L'Égypte contemporaine, XXV (1934), 433-64; Howard Ellis, German monetary theory, 1905-1933, 1934, part III. Cf. also Jacob Viner, "Die Theorie des auswärtigen Handels," in Die Wirtschaftstheorie der Gegenwart (Wieser Festschrift), IV (1928) 117-18.
Chapter 8
Böhm-Bawerk, as far as I know, never abandoned his original position that money costs of production are determined solely by (technological costs and) the demands for the factors of production. But if disutilities can influence values, as he conceded, they can do so only through their influence on money costs. Wieser, making concessions to the irksomeness of labor as a value-determining factor, concluded that "Services of equal utility, but of different degrees of hardship, are so regulated in regard to value that the more troublesome labor is more highly appraised" (Natural value, 1893, p. 198) but failed to explain how this extraordinary result was brought about.

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