The Power to Tax: Analytical Foundations of a Fiscal Constitution

Geoffrey Brennan.
Brennan, Geoffrey and James M. Buchanan
(1919- )
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Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Fund, Inc.
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The text of this edition is copyright ©: 1980 Cambridge University Press. Foreword and coauthor note ©: 2000 Liberty Fund, Inc. Picture of James M. Buchanan and Geoffrey Brennan: File photo detail, courtesy Liberty Fund, Inc. James M. Buchanan and Geoffrey Brennan, Blacksburg, Virginia, 1989.
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The success of Proposition 13 in California was one of the top news stories of 1978, and many commentators interpreted this success as the first major step in a genuine "tax revolt." Politicians seeking either to attain or to maintain elective office were quick to accept such an interpretation, and the political rhetoric of the late 1970s suggested that the era of explosive governmental growth may have been coming to an end.... [From the Preface]