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Academic Journals

General Topics, Most-Widely Cited or Read
Top Picks: Widely-read, highly-respected journals on general topics American Economic Review (AER) Established in 1911. Journal of the American Economic Association.
Econometrica Established in 1933. Journal of the Econometric Society.
Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP) Currently the most-read economics journal, bridging the gap between the general interest press and academic economics. Publication of the American Economic Association.
Journal of Economic Theory (JET) Maintained by New York University and Cornell University. Recent issues available online. Published by Elsevier.
Journal of Political Economy (JPE) Established 1892. Maintained by the University of Chicago. Issues from 1892-1922 are available online free from Jstor as a demo.
Quarterly Journal of Economics (QJE) Established 1886. Maintained by Harvard University and available through the MIT Press. Many articles available free at Repec.
Review of Economic Studies (REStud) Established 1933. Maintained at University College, London. Many articles available free of charge on site or through Repec.
Additional widely-read journals on general topics
Journal of Public Economics Published by Elsevier. Some issues available online.
Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) Established 1969. Publication of the American Economic Association.
International Economic Review (IER) Established 1960. Maintained by the University of Pennsylvania.
Economic Inquiry (EI) Established 1962. Formerly known as the Western Economic Journal. Western Economic Association International and the Oxford University Press.

Academic Journals

Special Topics, by subject
Econometrics and Statistics Econometrica Established in 1933. Journal of the Econometric Society.
Journal of Applied Econometrics (JAE) On line issues since 1994. Publication of Queen's University.
Journal of Econometrics Published by Elsevier. Some papers available online.
Review of Economics and Statistics (RESTAT) Maintained by Harvard University.
Finance Journal of Financial Economics (JFE) Maintained at the University of Rochester.
Journal of Financial Economics (JFE) On line papers since 1997. Published by Elsevier. Edited at the U. of Rochester. Information, submissions, back issues at Main JFE site.
Labor Economics Journal of Labor Economics (JLE) Maintained by the University of Chicago.
Journal of Labor Research Maintained by the Locke Institute and George Mason University.
Law and Economics Journal of Law and Economics (JLE) Published semiannually. Maintained by the University of Chicago. Established in 1958.
Journal of Legal Studies (JLS) Published semiannually. Maintained by the University of Chicago. Established in 1972.
Supreme Court Economic Review Maintained by the University of Chicago.
American Law and Economics Review Published twice a year since 1999 by the American Law and Economics Association and the Oxford University Press.
Monetary Economics Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (JMCB) On line issues since 1996. Published by Ohio State U. Press. Information, submissions, back issues: JMCB
Journal of Monetary Economics (JME) Maintained at the University of Rochester. Now includes the Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy.
Regional Publications Southern Economic Journal Publication of the Southern Economic Association.
Eastern Economic Journal Publication of the Eastern Economic Association.
Miscellaneous Specialties American Political Science Review Established 1906. Publication of the American Political Science Association (APSA) and the Cambridge University Press.
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics Quarterly analysis of contemporary issues in the mainstream of economics from an Austrian perspective.
Journal of Economic Education (JEE) Maintained at Indiana University.

Working Paper Series

Government and Private Institutions
Working Paper Series NBER Working Papers National Bureau of Economic Research. Top notch research working papers. See also their other NBER publications.
Federal Reserve Working Papers and more: Quality working papers by several regional Federal Reserve Banks with research divisions.
BLS Working Papers Bureau of Labor Statistics working paper series, covering topics such as measurement issues for the CPI, the poverty line, etc.
BEA Working Papers Bureau of Economic Analysis: Analyses of measurement of income and price series such as NIPA, GNP, CPI, etc.

Private and Government

Respected and widely read:
Private The Independent Review Respected publication on political economy, supported by the Independent Institute. Online free after a few issues.
The Cato Journal Interdisciplinary publication on public policy, supported by the Cato Institute. Publisher till 1979 of Literature of Liberty articles after which publication was continued through the Institute for Humane Studies.
The Hoover Institute Research on International Affairs.
NBER National Bureau of Economic Research
Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) Policy analysis and the Economic Report of the President.
Economic Quarterly Richmond Fed Research Division publication. Quality research publication and working papers, pdf files.
Economic Review Cleveland Fed Research Division publication. Quality research publication and working papers, pdf files.
Survey of Current Business Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) publication.
Federal Reserve Federal Reserve System
Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Documents and data pertaining to Federal spending, revenue, budget, and projections as prepared by Congress. Current year, plus historical data, some since mid-1950s.

Collections of Online Journals and Resources

Ratings, Lists, and Subscription Services Online.
Journal Ratings and Lists ISI Journal Citation Reports Objective annual rankings of journals. See the Social Sciences section for a comprehensive list of economics journals.
Economics Journals on the Web Comprehensive list of links to economics journals, arranged alphabetically. Maintained by John Kane at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego.
Online and library resource sites Online Journal Storage Archive (JSTOR) JSTOR is an online journal repository. It supplies hundreds of academic journals to libraries, schools, and other subscribers. To read JSTOR articles free, your best bet is a university library if you have access to one. Online subscriptions to many of the best journals are available for individuals for as little as $25 a year, depending on the journal or association. You may also sometimes be able to receive by postal mail a free printed copy of any specific article by contacting the professor, university, department, or specific journal or association.
Research Papers in Economics (REPEC) REPEC is a searchable online paper repository that supplies links to thousands of working papers and journal articles. Articles are often supplied free of charge by the author or publisher.
Science Direct/Economics Direct Online articles in various fields. Maintained by Elsevier.