I’ve posted before (here, for example) about various good segments on CBS’s longest-running news show, 60 Minutes.

Last night, the whole thing was excellent.

It led off with economics. Scott Pelley discussed the huge number of people who were out of work and who were desperately trying to reach the New York state government’s unemployment office to get their benefits. One woman he interviewed said she had worked since age 15 and had never claimed unemployment benefits. She was calling 50 times a day and not getting through. A restaurant owner named Melba told how she had to lay off almost all her employees and wondered how she herself would pay the bills.

Then the segment turned on a dime. Pelley talked to a businessman in Brooklyn who had repurposed his business to produce plastic face shields. He actually was able to hire more workers than he had had originally. He even noted that some workers, concerned about their fellow workers, offered to split a job so that each would work a 20-hour week. Then Melba told of getting a call from a customer who wanted to buy 100 take-out meals to be donated anonymously to local health care workers. It really was quite wonderful.

The second segment, which went about half an hour, was titled “Artificial Intelligence is Preserving Our Ability to Converse With Holocaust Survivors Even After They Die.” It lives up to the title. I can’t do justice to it a short space.  What I will say is that my wife, who is Jewish and whose grandparents on her father’s side were murdered by Hitler and his gang, has trouble watching anything about the Holocaust and just loved this segment.