Since joining EconLog, I’ve written a pile of Socratic dialogues.  In case you’ve missed a few, here’s a full inventory.

  1. How Markets Value the Welfare of the Poor, a response to an earlier dialogue by Brad DeLong.
  2. Immigration and Wages, a painless introduction to Ottaviano and Peri’s model of labor specialization and trade.
  3. Collective Guilt, a critique of an absurdity that almost everyone rejects in general and accepts in particular.
  4. The Basics, or How Not to Write Moral Philosophy.
  5. Who Really Cares About the Poor?, an skeptical exploration of allegedly noble intentions.
  6. Murder, a journey through availability cascades.
  7. Left and Right, a critique of leading theories of left and right, concluding with my Simplistic Theory thereof.
  8. We Rule, a thinly-veiled dissection of nationalism in general and white nationalism in particular.

You’ll also find complete chapters of fictional dialogues in my books on parenting and education.  As an author, I’m always happy when I reach the dialogue chapter, because these things write themselves…