Americans are really good at telling other countries what to do, how to run their affairs. For the past year, lots of American pundits have been ridiculing China’s Zero Covid policy. (I am one of those pundits.). There’s a general view that it’s long past time to move beyond Covid, to get back to normal. “Vaxxed and relaxed”.

China has finally decided to take our advice and open up to foreign travel. So how did the US react? Did we celebrate their decision?  Here’s the Financial Times:

US will require negative Covid tests for air passengers from China

I predict that most of America’s media won’t even notice the hypocrisy.  We are much better at noticing China’s mistakes than our own.

PS.  The fig leaf being provided is concern about a possible new mutation of the virus.  But there’s no evidence for that claim, and no plan to stop a new variant from circulating here if it did exist.