“People with kids care more about the future than people without kids.”

Who could take offense at this truism?

“Gays are substantially less likely to have kids than straights.”

Angry yet?

“Gays probably care less about the future than straights.”

How about now?

I’m not, but apparently one student of Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe is:

“I have given lectures like this for 18 years,” said Hoppe, a native of Germany who joined UNLV’s faculty in 1986. “I have given this lecture all over the world and never had any complaints about it.”

But within days of the lecture, he was notified by school officials that a student had lodged an informal complaint. The student said Hoppe’s comments offended him.

A series of formal hearings ensued.

Hoppe said that, at the request of university officials, he clarified in his next class that he was speaking in generalities only and did not mean to offend anyone.

As an example of what he meant, he offered this: Italians tend to eat more spaghetti than Germans, and Germans tend to eat more sauerkraut than Italians. It is not universally true, he said, but it is generally true.

The student then filed a formal complaint, Hoppe said, alleging that Hoppe did not take the complaint seriously.

Amazing aspect to me: Hoppe is in trouble for making one of the most reasonable arguments of his career!