Iain Murray writes

Speaker Pelosi has released the text of the New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security, Really Good Eggs and Consumer Protection Act (I snuck something else in there – can you tell?). It weighs in at a table-breaking 888 pages.

In my humble opinion, we should only have laws that are:
–clear; and

To ensure this, we need a new institution. I propose the Anti-Congress, which would be empowered to instantly repeal any legislation that fails to meet any of these criteria.

I’ve just finished Michael Barone’s Our First Revolution, in which he extolls the accomplishments of the English Revolution of 1688-89. Prior to that revolution, Barone points out, about the only power the legislature had was to raise taxes if the King wanted to go to war. In the absence of war, the King could go for years without even calling the legislature into session.

I had difficulty putting myself in a frame of mind to share Barone’s sentiments. I find myself nostalgic for the Ancien Régime.