You’re unlikely to see more thought-provoking questions than the set in Robin’s latest:

Some classic great divides: tyrants vs. freedom-lovers, rich vs.
poor, faithful vs. heathen, urbanites vs. townies, men vs. women,
intellectuals vs. ignoramuses, artists vs. the undiscerning, greens vs.
greedy, civilized vs. uncivilized, east vs. west, farmers vs herders,
hill folks vs. valley folk, Aristotle vs. Plato followers, jocks vs.
nerds, extroverts vs. introverts, neats vs. scruffies, makers vs
takers, communitarians vs. individualists, [can add more here].

Some questions, which I rarely see adequately answered:

  1. How is this division a key division, underlying many others?
  2. How do people acquire their sides in this conflict?
  3. How has this conflict lasted so long, without one side winning?
  4. How could one side finally win such an old conflict?
  5. Why is one side better than the other in an absolute sense?
  6. Why can’t those folks be persuaded that their side is bad?
  7. Why can’t peaceful compromise replace conflict?

Want to try?  Please model your answer after Robin’s stab at the rich-poor divide.