This WSJ Story (you may have to News-Google it) is mostly about workers with the wrong skills for the current market. But I note this:

BestCare Home Health Agency, a Fresno, Calif., nonprofit that provides nursing and other in-home health services, has yet to hire an occupational therapist–in a field where competition for talent is keen. The agency is offering $55 to $65 an hour, a $15,000 signing bonus and help paying off student loans. Assistant director Matt Sempre has even taken to cold-calling potential employees.

That strikes me as a licensing/credentialing problem, as opposed to a skills mismatch problem. Get government regulation out of the way and the shortage of OT’s will disappear. There may be some high-skill components to the job, but there are plenty of components that you could train a high school graduate to do in six months or less.