A People’s History of American Empire mentions that former South Vietnamese prime minister Nguyen Cao Ky was an open admirer of Hitler.  Intrigued, I decided to investigate.  The charge checks out.  Exact quote:

“People ask me who my heroes are. I admire Hitler
because he pulled his country together when it was in a terrible state
in the early thirties. But the situation here [Vietnam] is so desperate
now that one man would not be enough. We need four or five Hitlers in
                 – July, 1965 interview with the Daily Mirror

The irony was that by 1965 Vietnam already had its Hitler: Ho Chi Minh.  This may sound like mere rhetoric, but the shoe fits.  Both Hitler and Ho led totalitarian national socialist movements.  Both found their countries divided and unified them with blood and iron.  And both were vicious warmongers and mass murderers.  If all Ky wanted was a leader to “pull his country together,” he could have just surrendered.  With enemies like Ky, Communism needed no friends.