Here’s a sad mistake I encounter all too often: people think economic growth and technological progress are substitutes for rather than inputs into enjoyment and appreciation of finer things like the arts or deeper things like the sacred.

I offer this video as a counterexample. The artist has apparently arranged “I Need Thee Every Hour” into a nine-part acapella harmony and posted a video in which he’s singing all nine parts.

Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. My kids are captivated by it. Right now, I just watched it a few times while my three-year-old daughter sat in my lap and tried to sing along and copy the singer’s motions.

You know what’s really cool? You wouldn’t be able to fit everyone who had a part in the video into a football stadium. Or ten: somewhere, there’s someone who swept the floor at the store or warehouse that housed the singer’s headphones for a short period. Someone somewhere grew the coffee consumed by the logger who cut down the tree that was used to make the pencil the singer used to scribble a few thoughts on a notepad. Someone somewhere wrote a line of code that, at some point, became part of YouTube. All of this specialization, trade, and division of labor allowed the singer to share his talents with the world.