I’ve created a resource page for The Case Against Education‘s calculations of education’s selfish and social returns.  This work is the tentatively final version of what I blogged last June.

Start with the slideshow.  If that piques your interest, the remaining resources allow you to carefully check my number crunching. 

I’m interested in all comments and criticism.  But my first priority is rooting out demonstrable errors in my formulas.  I will happily treat to lunch anyone who alerts me to one or more non-trivial demonstrable errors. 

Remember: The selfish and social value of correcting me now is far greater than it will be after publication!

P.S. I’ve also updated my c.v.

Update: Before uploading the files, I converted them to the latest version of Excel.  I just noticed that this latest version of Excel refuses to calculate negative internal rates of return.  I’ll replace the current files with the prior versions on Monday.