In yesterday’s post on drug addiction, I referenced work by British journalist Johann Hari. I knew nothing about his background. A regular reader of Econlog contacted me to tell me that in his past he committed plagiarism and has admitted doing so. I don’t think this necessarily undercuts his point and neither, apparently, does the reader who contacted me. Nor does it undercut my point about Portugal.

The reader, Matthew Moore, pointed out Hari’s unpleasant past and thought I should be aware of it. For that I thank Matt publicly and I thanked him privately.

Another reader, Tim Worstall, contacted me to tell me about Stanton Peele and has already blogged about Hari here. Thanks to Tim for this reference.

Also, commenter Current pointed this out in the comments on yesterday’s post.

My apologies to Stanton Peele for not referencing his work.