On Tuesday, Lisa Farbstein, an employee of the Transportation Security Administration, tweeted a photo of a bag containing $75,000 in cash and said:

If you had $75,000, is this how you’d transport it? Just asking. TSA @ #RIC spotted this traveller’s preferred method.

(RIC stands for Richmond International Airport in Richmond, VA.) Happy Independence Day to you too, Lisa.

She apparently saw nothing wrong with bragging about the fact that the TSA wanted to publicize this photo. It gets worse. The federal government stole the money without filing any charges against the owner.

So where’s the good news? There’s one small piece and one big piece. The small piece is the Twitter storm (and here) that came at Lisa for bragging about what she should have been ashamed of.

The big piece? The TSA now admits that it will cooperate with the rest of the government in stealing your stuff. I know that if I were carrying things that are vulnerable to theft, I would appreciate it if the thieves, or their spokespeople, warned me about where they are and what they will do. Thanks, Lisa.

By the way, here, according to this puff piece, is what Lisa thinks TSA does: “We help ensure people’s freedom of movement.” Calling George Orwell.