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I was driving home from a hiking trip on Friday and tuned into Rush Limbaugh’s show for longer than I usually do. (My morning commute is 11 minutes.) He raised an issue I heard him raise a few months ago, but I thought then that he wasn’t serious. However, I heard him say it again this morning.

Limbaugh advocates, and wants Republicans to advocate, allowing the 11 million or so immigrants who are here illegally to immigrate, assuming that they have not committed other crimes besides the crime of being here and working illegally. His one condition is that they not have a pathway to citizenship or that if they do, the path takes many years. He pointed out, correctly, I think that this will not get much traction among Democrats because a large percentage of Democratic politicians see a pathway to citizenship as a pathway to more Democratic voters.

Limbaugh’s proposed policy is one that I have advocated for many years. (See here, for example.)

In this year of a very dismal choice between the two major-party candidates for President, there haven’t been many optimistic signs other than the Gary Johnson campaign.* Limbaugh’s proposal is one good sign.

*For what I think of as Gary Johnson’s best showing yet (other than his Fair Tax idea which would make virtually every U.S. resident a welfare recipient), see his Fox News interview with Chris Wallace.