May 2020 ISSUE

Liberalism versus the State

By Alberto Mingardi

A Liberty Classic Book Review of Liberalism: The Classical Tradition, by Ludwig von Mises. Liberty Fund. 1962. Tr. by Ralph Raico.1 "The social order created by the philosophy of the Enlightenment assigned supremacy to the common man." These are the very first wo...

Liberty in the Wake of Coronavirus

By Aris Trantidis

Never before has 'freedom from' so worryingly related to 'freedom to.' Nearly three billion people currently live under lockdowns enacted by governments. In these uncertain times, most of us remain confined to our homes and accept these unprecedented restrictions ...

What Is a Just Price?

By Paul Mueller

Few economists today ask whether prices are just. This is due in part to positivism and efforts to remain "value-neutral," but ultimately, economists no longer discuss just prices because advances in economic thinking make such reasoning intractable or irrelevant. F...

Order and the Wealth of Nations

By Arnold Kling

Modern manufacturing is a logistical marvel that taps hundreds of facilities in dozens of countries, but that system is based on frictionless international trade. Break just a few links and the entire network collapses. A modern car has about 2000 parts. If you ar...
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