April 2020 ISSUE

Is State Education Justified? An Appreciation of E.G. West’s Education and the State

By Kevin Currie-Knight

A Liberty Classic Book Review of Education and the State: A Study in Political Economy, by E.G. West.1 As a society, we have become used to government involvement in education. We rarely subject such involvement to economic scrutiny or ask the historical ques...

Sick of Metaphors: Reading Shiller’s Narrative Economics

By Sarah Skwire

Book Review of Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral and Drive Major Economic Events.1 by Robert J. Shiller. And if you wish to adorn, borrow the metaphor from something better in the same genus, if to denigrate, from something worse. —Aristotle,...

Climate Change: What is (Not) To Be Done

By Pedro Schwartz

In my previous column, I did my best to gauge the extent of the damage done to the climate as a result of human action, as well as the likelihood of an imminent climatic catastrophe. In this piece, I intend to explore whether a spontaneous correction of impending cl...

Fixed Personality Traits, Randomly Arrived At

By Arnold Kling

... variation in how brain circuits develop makes a major contribution to our psychological traits. Crucially, that variation can arise from genetic differences, but also from the processes of development themselves. Stochastic developmental variation will play a ...
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