March 2020 ISSUE

Adam Smith, Ayn Rand, and the Power of Stories

By Caroline Breashears

From Adam Smith to Ayn Rand, advocates of liberty have used stories to convey their theories of economics and morality. In the eighteenth century, Smith made his ideas lucid to contemporaries—starting with the university students he was teaching—by interspersing his...

Socialism from the Bottom Up: Where Lawson and Powell Meet Hayek and Buchanan

By Edward J. López

Review of Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink their Way Through the Unfree World,1 by Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell. Today's Socialism We have heard a lot about Socialism lately. It has made a big splash in the United States over the past few years. ...

The Sexual Revolution as Primal Cause

By Arnold Kling

Our macropolitics have become a mania about identity, because our micropolitics are no longer familial... because the human animal has been selected for familial forms of socialization that for many people no longer exist. —Mary Eberstadt, Primal Screams:...

Climate Change: A Tragedy of the Commons?

By Pedro Schwartz

A growing number of people see climate change as an example of the tragedy of the commons: the 'over-grazing' of collectively owned open lands by an unstructured group of people. The logic of individual self-interest will lead each and every individual to try to ste...
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