This coming Friday, I’ll be giving the luncheon (keynote) speech at an event at the University of Texas in Dallas. The title of my talk: “How Freedom Solves People’s Problems.” I chose the title a couple of months ago. In working on the talk last week, I realized that the language is too passive. It makes it sound as if freedom solves people’s problems without their doing anything. That often does happen: the price of computing power has fallen like a stone without any input from me. But often people need to use their freedom to solve their problems. So my actual talk will be on “How Freedom Helps People Solve Problems.”

The event is a day-long seminar with a lot of heavy hitters: Robert Lawson, John Goodman, Steve Horwitz, and Lawrence H. White. The overall title of the event is “Freedom and Prosperity in the U.S. and the World: How Are We Doing?”

The event is sponsored by The Colloquium for the Advancement of Free-Enterprise Education and the Naveen Jindal School of Management.

Here’s the schedule. It gives location, times, and topics.

P.S. If you attend, please come up and say hi.