The title of this post is that now-famous quote from University of Missouri faculty member Melissa Click. It’s her threat to a reporter who was covering a protest on the campus.

I thought of it when reading this story about how the FDIC muscled a payday lender and tried to make it look as if the bank took the initiative.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Emails show that FDIC administration officials struggled to figure out how to explain to banks why their institutions should be terminating their relationships with businesses that have not committed any fraud or other illegal activities.

Back in 2016, Fortune quoted Obama supporter Larry Summers:

The landscape Summers painted in his op-ed is full of broken trade deals, wars, heightened nuclear bomb threats, and a more dictatorial U.S. government.

Larry got the broken trade deals thing right. But a “more dictatorial U.S. government?” That’s hard to measure because there are so many dimensions. But I think Obama gave Trump a run for his money. Don’t expect to see Larry ever admit that though. Remember what he told Elizabeth Warren about insiders.