Big announcement: I’m publishing eight new books of my all-time best EconLog essays.  Today, the first volume – entitled Labor Econ Versus the World: Essays on the World’s Greatest Market, goes on sale on Amazon.

I spent weeks reviewing the several thousand essays I’ve written since 2005, organizing them all by theme.  Labor Econ Versus the World collects my top pieces on the world of work, broken down into four categories.  “Laissez-Faire and Labor” analyzes the sorry effects of labor market regulation for workers and the rest of the economy.  “Open Borders” turns to the vast yet neglected gains of letting everyone on Earth work in whatever country they please.  “Education Without Romance” debunks the prevailing human capital model of education in favor of the signaling heresy.  “The Search for Success” shows how you can use the insights of labor economics to avoid poverty, advance your career, marry well, and optimize your parenting.

Can’t you just read all of these essays for free online?  Absolutely.  But Labor Econ Versus the World curates your experience.  Instead of sifting through almost two decades of blog posts, you can read one top piece after another.  Editor Jack Pfeffercorn has beautifully typeset the entire book.  And the book is priced to sell: Just $12 for the paperback, and a mere $9.99 for the e-book.  If you enjoy this blog, I’m confident that you’ll get ample consumer surplus from the purchase.

P.S. If you’re a journalist, influencer, or teacher considering course adoption, please email for a review copy.

P.P.S. I’m available for interviews and other media events for the book.  Just email me to set things up!