A beautiful study in rhetoric.

Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy explains why he is refusing to enforce Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders. Early on in the video, he explains that of course one must choose which laws to enforce and which not to. This relates to my critique of Luigi Zingales and some of the interesting discussion that followed in the comments on my post.

I call it a beautiful study in rhetoric because early on he says that he’s not trying to persuade anyone. Instead, he wants to explain why he’s doing what he’s doing. He does the latter very well, which also helps achieve the former. If you think the person talking to you is not trying to persuade you, your defenses typically fall.

By the way, notice his point that some of the provisions that Whitmer wanted enforced, such as the one on motorboats, were not even in any of the Executive Orders.

In case watching a 14-minute video seems like too much of a time commitment, notice that you need only watch the first 11 minutes.