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Remedial Product Development?

Arnold Kling, Great Questions of Economics
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One of the "remedies" being proposed by the more militant anti-Microsoft litigants is that Microsoft be forced to market a new version of its operating system, as this story indicates.

As part of their proposed sanctions against Microsoft, the states have told Kollar-Kotelly that she should order the company to offer a stripped-down version of Windows, without any additional features such as its Internet Explorer browser.

I cannot wait to see the product planning meeting for this new operating system. You will go through a list of thousands of features, and for each one we will need a vote from all of the parties at the anti-trust suit to determine whether the feature belongs or does not belong in the new product.

Discussion Question. Assume that it is technically feasible to produce a stripped-down version of Windows. Would such a system find a ready market, or would further "remedies" be required to achieve the goals of Microsoft's opponents?

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