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Arnold Kling, Great Questions of Economics
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If you're looking for a solid, mainstream economist's treatment of globalization, I recommend this article by Timothy Taylor.

If a national economy reduces its trade barriers but is otherwise a hostile environment for economic growth, globalization will accomplish little or may even be economically harmful. On the other hand, a nation that aggressively pursues other elements of growth, but practices benign neglect of its trade policy, might do just fine.

Indeed, one might argue that globalization accompanies economic growth in large part because it is often a proxy for a nation's openness to the production methods, management, and social institutions that lead to economic growth. Opponents of globalization often like to blame it for a nation's economic woes, as it is easier to point the finger at unpopular targets like multinational firms than to take on the tough spadework of institutional and economic reform in low-income or low-growth economies. While the poorest people in the world suffer grievously from many ills, an excessive connectedness to global markets is not one of them.

Discussion Question. I have never seen an anti-globalization argument that reflected awareness of economic thinking. Is there any valid counter-argument to the views represented by Taylor?

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