I’ve already praised Amazon to the skies: “Amazon is simply the best store that ever existed, by far, with incredible selection and unearthly convenience.”  Recently, however, Amazon managed to exceed my sky-high expectations.

Over the last few months, my Sony Blu-Ray player has been losing streaming services one after the other.  Apparently I’m such a dinosaur that Hulu can’t be bothered to update my software.  Such is the price of progress…

Last week, Amazon joined this rush for the exit, sending me an email to let me know that my Amazon Prime streaming would soon be discontinued.  My knee-jerk reaction was, “Et tu, Amazon?”

Yet happily, the email didn’t end there.  Amazon informed me that I could restore service by buying a Fire TV device – and gave me a $25 coupon for such a product.  How much was the normal price of such a product?  You guessed it – $25.  Somewhat incredulously, I entered the coupon code – and confirmed that Amazon was giving me cutting-edge electronics for $0.00.

Two days later, I received my Fire TV Stick and easily installed it.  To my delight, it was superior in all respects to my previous streaming system.  Most notably, I often host Youtube karaoke parties, and the new interface works like a charm.  Amazon, I love you.

Am I overreacting?  I think not.  When I was a child, no one would have believed that a major company would treat its customers so well.  In all candor, Amazon treats me with far more respect and appreciation than I’ve ever received from the United States government.  Democratic government, Republican government, divided government; Amazon outshines them all.  If the feds ever go after Amazon, I know what side I’m on.

P.S. Here’s a screen cap of Amazon’s email to me.

P.P.S. If you’re thinking, “This isn’t a fair comparison.  Running the federal government is much harder than running Amazon,” I’m thinking, “Another great thing about Amazon is that it doesn’t email me excuses.”