This documentary attempts to make vivid the weakness of the Canadian health care system. It begins by showing how attached Canadians are to the principle of government-provided health care, but then exposes the consequences in terms of waiting times, suffering, and death.

GMU professor and Cafe Hayek blogger Russ Roberts is also looking into the film medium, although he plans to take a more educational focus.

I would say that while I enjoyed the film on the Canadian system and I agree with its viewpoint, I come away feeling that one probably could make an equally compelling propaganda film for the other side. I would rather have people look at a lot of information and make up their own minds than have propaganda films make up their minds for them. But if some people only have the patience to see these sorts of films, then they shouldn’t be limited to movies that slant left.

Readers are welcome to look at the documentary (25 minutes) and comment.