Since Arnold is already pumping up my book, and it’s been accepted by a major university press, it’s time to announce my official Title Contest. If we’ve learned anything from the success of Freakonomics, it’s that titles matter. And while I don’t expect to be anywhere near the best-seller list, it would be great if I had a title to pique readers’ interest.

So here’s my offer: If I use the title you suggest, I’ll take you to lunch at Morton’s (Tyson’s Corner or Reston, your pick).

Main constraint: I’m looking for witty, not belligerant. I don’t want an “in-your-face” title that will alienate scholars. I’d rather sell fewer copies and be read by the economists and political scientists that I’m trying to engage.

For now, I’m calling the book The Logic of Collective Belief: The Political Economy of Voter Irrationality. It’s a slightly witty allusion to Olson’s classic, and hardly belligerant. But that’s faint praise. There’s probably a better title out there, and hopefully one of my readers knows what it is!

Before you suggest a title, of course, it would help to read a little of the book. Here’s an excerpt.

P.S. Arnold makes a number of interesting points about my book. I think I’ll hold off on responding, though, until it comes out.