If you have not responded to my reader survey, please do so.

A couple of people expressed regret that Bryan and I don’t mix it up with the commenters more. Keep in mind, though, that I am more likely to respond to an interesting comment by writing a new post, rather than joining into the comment thread. To get me to use the comment thread, you have to find the sweet spot in between something that fails to motivate me to respond at all and something that motivates me so well that I write a new entry. But I can try to loosen the criteria for that sweet spot a bit.

BTW, I find myself most motivated to respond when someone points to a relevant paper or asks an interesting question. I also prefer to respond to people who comment rarely, rather than responding to GYOB’s (stands for “Get Your Own Blog,” which is how a blogger feels about someone who leaves long comments on just about every post).

Comments are off for this post, because I don’t want people to get confused about where to respond to the survey. Go there if you haven’t already.