The inner economist talks with Russ Roberts. He points out that you are unlikely to say “no” to your dentist in person. You have given up control–deep in a chair (he says “strapped”), mouth open, and so on. But after you leave the dentist, you might not say “yes.”

I had an experience like that recently. My dentist thinks I need old fillings re-filled. I said “yes” but I never scheduled the appointment.

In general, I worry that a dentist is like Jiffy Lube. I used to feel that Jiffy Lube always had its employees trained to find things that needed maintenance–that they would never let you walk out with just the oil change that you came in for. I have not been to Jiffy Lube for years, just because it’s mentally easier to get an oil change from a mechanic who doesn’t always recommend other things that need fixing.

The discussion ranges over many topics. If you haven’t read Tyler’s book yet, I would suggest reading listening to the podcast first. I think that going straight to the book without first finding out more about Tyler’s thought process may be a mistake. By reading about Tyler or listening to him, you will have a better idea what to look for as you are reading the book.